Released – January 29, 2013  
The final volume of a four part series. 

A found series of early tracks, mixes, and experiments originally recorded to cassette and previously thought lost forever. Covered in dust, some were completely disintegrated, others were unplayable as the wheels were stuck, and none were labeled. The few that survived their existence since 1996 are collected in this series of mixes and recordings crafted in bygone basements and bedrooms. 

Created using a BOSS SP-202 sampler, BOSS DR-202 drum machine, Novation BassStation, processed using a ZOOM 9002 guitar effects processor, and recorded / edited on a Tascam 424 Portastudio and Roland VS-880 with the occasional audio sample sourced from VHS tape

These tracks are the earliest BLUSKREEN recordings, before the project even had a name.
“The profoundly eerie synth sweeps that open Volume 4 give way to some strange sonic and melodic experimenting, which shows yet another side of Bluskreen.”

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