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14 Free Ableton Live Skins

A set of 14 custom Ableton Live skins, created using the Sonic Transfer Skin Editor.

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How to install

Mac – Right-click (or ctrl-click) the Ableton Live application in your Applications folder and click Show Package Contents. Copy the .ask files into > Contents > App-Resources > Skins. Restart Live.

PC – Copy the .ask files into Program Files > AbletonLive > Resources > Skins.  Restart Live.

Check out this post for more detailed instructions including screenshots.

How to use

Open Ableton Live and click Preferences – Look Feel – Skin.  The new skins will appear in the Skins drop-down field.  NOTE: Keep a backup of your skins. You’ll need to copy the skins to your Skins folder when updating Ableton Live.

These skins will work with Ableton Live 9.

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