Instrumental Experimental Music

Instrumental Experimental Music

“Dead Malls” – An Exploration of Lost Memories via Sound

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Lately, I’ve been obsessed with dead malls.  I guess part of the reason I’m fascinated by this is because I grew up in suburbia mostly, and spent a lot of time at malls and in video arcades (damn, I miss those).

In researching this topic, I came across some amazing work by Brian Ulrich.

Namely, “Dark Stores”, part of his Copia series.

As I look at these images I’m reminded of a part of my youth, and American culture, that is now gone.  Abandoned.  Consumerism surely still lives on, but in a much different way.  A more disconnected way, even though some would say we’re more connected now than ever.  I think that statement in itself speaks to some of the irony that surrounds our online culture.  So much information, but no way to effectively retain it all.  So many connections, but no one to touch.

The images trigger different levels of nostalgia.  On one level, the unpleasant, awkward feelings of youth – trying to fit in, or actively trying not to.  On another level, the euphoria of experiencing sights and sounds I didn’t fully understand at the time.  The 80’s, and all the good and bad that went along with that.  Seems the magic is lost once you know all of the details, and there’s no going back.

This track is an exploration of all of this, on a very abstract level.  I hope you enjoy it.