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Instrumental Experimental Music

Album “Mockup” Listed Under 10 Must-Hear Albums from 2009 by

by Mark Jackson of on December 23rd, 2009

So finally, here is my list of “must-hear” albums from this year. I’m a little late to the scene but hopefully you guys aren’t exhausted of these yet. I’ll keep it easy on the reading part.

I wasn’t sure what to call this list, but I think that “best of” and “favorite” are overused since any one person can only listen to a tiny portion of all the albums that came out this year, and one person’s favorites won’t exactly match another’s. So I tried to pick some of my favorite albums that are a bit obscure but also that I think a large number of people can appreciate. My hope is that you’ll stick to some of these albums, because I think they all have great replay value too.