Instrumental Experimental Music

Instrumental Experimental Music

Livid Instruments Launches Guitar Wing Wireless Control Surface for Guitar and Bass

My good friends at Livid Instruments continue their tradition of developing innovative, hand-made control surfaces for musicians and electronic performers with the launch of Guitar Wing, a wireless control surface for guitar and bass.

I’ve been creating electronic music since 1996, and playing guitar since 1993.  I’ve always struggled with the ability to play guitar and perform electronic music at the same time.  I’ve tried using various MIDI hardware like the Livid Instruments Block and Ohm 64, and while these are great controllers, it was always so distracting having to switch from guitar to a separate controller or keyboard during performance and recording.  I’ve also tried foot controllers like Native Instruments Rig Kontrol and the Behringer FCB1010, and while these units do serve well to free up your hands when controlling software, they quickly feel like a just another distraction.

I remember touring with Sinch and huddling over a table to use an Oxygen 8 during the song “The Silent Acquiescence of Millions” (that’s me at bottom left at about 6:00 and Jay Smith of Livid Instruments at bottom right).  The table was always an ongoing point of ridicule among my bandmates.

While it got the job done, it wasn’t really optimal.  Until now, guitarists have really been neglected in the world of software control, especially for live performance.

In an over-saturated market of controllers, Livid Instruments differentiates themselves by focusing on quality, usability, and customization.  Fan-funded projects have proven successful for Sinch in the past with the release of Hive Mind, and Livid Instruments is certainly on its way to having this project 100% funded.

This is an amazing innovation and deserves your support if you’re a guitarist like me who has struggled with these challenges.  If all goes well, Jay said there WILL be a lefty version (I NEED THIS)!