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Instrumental Experimental Music
How To Install Ableton Live Skins

How To Install Ableton Live Skins

Here’s a little list of instructions on how to install Ableton Live skins.  Just thought I’d post this to make it a little easier. These instructions are for Mac.

1 – After downloading my custom Ableton Live skins, open the zip file.  Select all of them and copy (right-click & copy OR command+c).


2 – Locate the Ableton Live app in your Applications folder and right click on it (or ctrl-click) and click Show Package Contents.


3 – In the next Finder window, navigate to the Skins folder.  DO NOT mess with any of the files in this window!


4 – Once inside the Skins folder, paste in your new skins and close the Finder window.


5 – Open Ableton Live, and go to Preferences.


6 – Choose your new skin under Look – Feel > Skin.  DONE.


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