Instrumental Experimental Music

Instrumental Experimental Music


BLUSKREEN is an instrumental / experimental music project. Formed in 1996, the exploration began with a healthy fascination for unusual musical instruments, audio sampling, effects processing, and synthesizers. This fascination quickly grew into an obsession in the form of countless musical experiments. BLUSKREEN has developed a truly unique and riveting musical style, blending dense atmospheres, angelic melodies, and deep electronic textures to create an audible experience that defies categorization.

BLUSKREEN has released six original albums and produced tracks for film & tv.

“…layering of sound is Bluskreen greatest perk – the layer may be a simple one, but when paired with other layers, the sound can become full and beautiful. And yet, this still sounds effortless.  Excellent to chill to.”

Other projects include guitarist, sound designer, and founding member of the band SINCH since 1994, the musical half of the experimental audio / video performance duo OCULAR NOISE MACHINE with Jay Smith from Livid Instruments, and a collaborator in the experimental / ambient / western music project BARREN FIELDS.